Dairy Stamina Private Limited

ICL Kamdhenu Dairy was set up in 2014 under the Operation Flood Programme. ICL Kamdhenu Dairy manufactures, markets & sells milk and milk products under the ICL Kamdhenu Dairy brand (Milk, Paneer, Ghee, Dahi, Butter and Madda), at a national level through its sales and distribution networks for marketing food items.

ICL Kamdhenu Dairy sources significant part of its requirement of liquid milk from dairy cooperatives. It is ICL Kamdhenu Dairy’s constant endeavor to ensure that milk producers and farmers regularly and continually receive market prices by offering quality milk, milk products and other food products to consumers at competitive prices and uphold institutional structures that empower milk producers and farmers through processes that are equitable.

The company derives significant competitive advantage from its unique distribution network of bulk vending milk booths, retail outlets and mobile units. ICL Kamdhenu Dairy also manufactures and markets a wide range of dairy products that include Butter, Mishti Doi, Paneer, Dahi, Ghee, Cheese, UHT Milk, Probiotic Products, Lassi & Flavoured Milk and most of these products are available across the Bareilly.

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