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Welcome to the infectiously, energetic, highly crazy and insanely happening world of ICL Group.

Today, companies must compete dynamically and ethically in a demanding global marketplace. This requires not only compliance with numerous laws and regulations but also recognition of the expectations and aspirations of a variety of stakeholders.

Doing the right thing has become more complicated but it is more important than ever. The administrative system of ICL Group is designed to give the right information they need to guide their actions in this challenging environment. It has been updated time to time to be more global in scope. In addition, we are supporting our IBDs and staff through online facilities and functions. It is critical that ICL Group personnel around this industry adhere to the highest ethical standards so that we can earn the trust of our customers and associates and grow our business. Being ignorant of a practice or having good intentions are not acceptable excuses.

By doing the same and following the guidelines of ICL Group you will help yourself enhance your & our regulation as an outstanding corporate citizen. This is not only the right thing to do it is the best thing to do to secure the future success of our Company.

Here we have developed high standard computer system, all back office facilities online and highly qualified professional in our organization. ICL Group develops organizational policies, including the policies that govern how the system will operate. Accountabilities are given to the senior and they all are responsible for the behavior and performance and most important execution on time. Administrative department monitors financial and operational performance and evaluate the individual based on achievement. Of the end results and compliance with predefined limitations or requirements serves as the last court of appeal with in the organization.